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We are in your schools advising children/teens on healthy relationships.
There are approximately 1.7 million homeless teens in the US.
​We work with all young women from all Nationalities and Races.
Hands Off has provided safe housing 97 displaced youth throughout Central Florida.

Reconnected 70% with family and long term care givers.
Let's eradicate teen homelessness together.
Of youth who run away, 41% have been abandoned by their parents for at least 24 hours and 43% have been beaten by a caretaker.
Florida is named the 3rd State in the Nation with the highest Modern Day trafficking cases.
In 2013, 60 percent of the child sex trafficking victims recovered as part of a FBI nationwide raid from over 70 cities were children from foster care or group homes.
Family crisis is the most prevalent reason youth and young adults identify for becoming homeless.
Let's build together
Formerly known as Young Seeds of Virtue