Dear YSV,

I grew up in the 'system.' As a former foster child, I know exactly how distasteful the experience my foster care experience was.. But I was among the several that wasn't so lucky. I was in foster care for five years. Within those five years, I lived in eight different foster home placements.  
Some of the foster homes were tolerable. Even though there was a lack of love, compassion and connection, I was still fed and able to bathe, sleep, and go to school. However, the other foster homes were a nightmare of an experience. I was in the position equal to a servant. On a day to day basis, I struggled with being raped, beaten, emotionally battered and neglected. I was the scorned upon and laughed at every moment. I was told I would be nothing and those words haunted me for years.

Being adopted by a wonderful family put an end to my 'foster care curse.' I lived the next few years of my life with opportunity, love, support and hope. I became someones' child instead of being the states' file. However, sometimes we still need a little help along the way while trying to find our place in this world. When I was at a low point in my life, the Young Seeds of Virtue took me into her home. She provided a means of shelter, peace of mind, encouragement, and strengthened my walk with God. Instead of worrying about where I was going to live, I was able to figure out how to live my life and to better take care of my child. If it was not for this woman, I would not have the stability I have today to get back on my feet and feel better about myself.

Without the Foundation, I may become what I was told as a foster child that I would be 'nothing.' She filled the void in my life. It is the start of a better future and a better life. 

Thank you,

​Christie Fuller

To Whom It May Concern,

I thank you for not forgetting us. People think we are too old to be adopted and treat us like we should know better. We have feelings we hurt and bleed red like everybody else. Candice took me in her home and helped me and I thank God for her. She showed me love and help me build my confidence up. Thank you so much I was so happy to hear that you are doing this.I would like to come and work for you whatever you need. 


Thank you is not enough because you believed in me when I had nothing and was nothing. I was garbage to people. They passed me by day after day. My kids was so bad they tore up your place and you still let us stay. I am doing really good now because I mattered to you and so did my kids. I left the streets and I'm working and going to school. I'm going back to help me you real soon. I love you very very much. P.S. you know who still has a crush on you and said he is going to marry you when he grows up. 


That Girl xoxoxo
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