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2014 REVIVE Young Women's Conference
The Revive Conference was a great success we are very thankful to our sponsors Pepsi CoCostco, and Olive Garden to name a few. Thank you to Orange County Police Department Sgt. Patrick Guckian who spoke with young women about the dangers of trafficking and how to stay safe and alert.

Thank you to UCF, UNCF, and National Black Leadership Commission on HIV/Aids. The young ladies were equipped blessed and had an amazing time. Hope to see you at our next event 2015 Girl on Fire. 
2015 Beautiful Feet Ball 
A father's influence in his daughter's life shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinions of men.  This Ball will demonstrate to young women just how valuable they are and will allow them to set standards to gauge healthy relationships in the future.

This Ball is special because Law Enforcement Officers from 3 different agencies stepped in as father's for the night. 

Without the proper foundation young women will seek validation in unhealthy and abusive relationships. Some of the young women attending are homeless, fatherless, abuse survivors and under privileged young women. This Ball will also help restore lost hope while building bridges between the same men of Law Enforcement that risk their lives daily to rescue and protect them. 
TDBank Inspiration Gala with Founders Valerie Crabbe of Being Beautiful Foundation For Kids and Candice Cruz of Hands Off. The Make Today Matter Ball was compliments of TD Bank for 2 remarkable women in their communities doing working together to help young women reach the full potential. 

Imagine 24 hours to plan this grand ball for young girls in foster care and a group home in Philadelphia. 

The young women will forever remember this magical day that was left imprinted on hearts. 
Inspiration Gala, Kimmel Performing Arts Center, Philadelphia PA. Sponsored by TD Bank
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